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The lightning network backend is still in beta and the network is constantly growing and changing. There could be bugs and sometimes there is not enough liquidity in the channels.

We do our best to monitor and take proactive measures. If something doesn't work, try again later. Use this service at your own risk.

We currently impose a soft limit of 0.10000000 per key.


Here we present our bitcoin and lightning services

Useful things

Add funds to a key. This function can be used by a new node to ensure inbound capacity before it gets more inbound channels, at which point you can withdraw the funds.
Withdraw satoshis from a key to your wallet or pay other invoices.
Make a voucher for a specific amount. This voucher will have a unique URL and can be reclaimed by another (or the same) key.

Recreational services

(Previously called CrowdPaint) Paste pictures on a multiple common canvas and pay via lightning.
Try your luck on a provably fair dice game. Supports withdrawals via lightning.
Buy a virtual fortune cookie for 1 sat or more. Mostly to test lightning.